Why use a travel agent?

Why should I use a travel agent?

  • Your travel agent is your advisor. Your destination counselor. I can provide you with first-hand knowledge of most destinations and experiences. I can also provide you with other guest’s testimonials about your chosen destinations.
  • If you book on our own, you are ON YOUR OWN. But if you book through Wishes and Wands Travel, and have a question while on vacation, CALL ME! TEXT ME! EMAIL ME! I am here for you, to answer all of your burning vacation questions.
  • A travel agent provides more than just quotes. I assist with al facets of your travel experience! I can provide travel tips and tricks. Assistance with itinerary planning. Restaurant recommendations. Alert you when special offers become available.
  • Travel agents know exactly when a special offer becomes available to guests. Say you’ve booked a vacation package to your favorite destination, and a special offer becomes available, after you’ve booked your trip. As your travel agent, I contact you to let you know that you may qualify for the offer, then call the destination to apply it to your vacation package. Once it’s been applied, a refund for the difference will e credited to your card. You don’t have to do anything, the travel agent does all of that for you, and saves you money.
  • A travel agent’s services are invaluable. If it doesn’t cost you any extra to make use of Wishes and Wands Travel, why would you ever book a vacation on your own?

Call Wishes and Wands Travel or click on the Request a Quote page. Our services are free to you and the benefits are immeasurable.