The Complete Guide to Using TapuTapu at Universal’s Volcano Bay

It is time for TapuTapu 101.

Are you ready to relax on Waturi Beach? Imagine hanging out on the sand, soaking in the Florida sunshine, and swimming in the crystal clear waters of Universal’s Volcano Bay, all without a care in the world. Our water theme park is unlike anything you have experienced and it starts with our wearable tech — the TapuTapu.

It’s the key to unlocking all the fun in the sun. Check out the details in the video below.

Meet your TapuTapu

What makes Universal’s Volcano Bay so different? It’s TapuTapu, the wearable device that holds your place in the ride lines, activates interactive surprises, lets you pay for food and souvenirs and more.

You’re in the Virtual Line

Just tap in at an attraction with a TapuTapu and you will be in the Virtual Line, which lets you have fun or just kick back until it’s time to return to the attraction.

What to do in the Virtual Line

The Virtual Line leaves you free to relax and have fun until it’s your time to ride. You can eat, drink, kick back, or ride other attractions that don’t have a wait time – the Virtual Line is a better way for you to spend your day.

No matter what ride they’ve got counting down on their TapuTapu, you can always ride an attraction whose sign reads, “RIDE NOW.” So remember to keep an eye out for “RIDE NOW” as youexplore the park.

The TapuTapu wearble can be used to make cashless purchases at Volcano Bay. Just be sure your clients set up an account on The Official Universal Orlando Resort App and they can “TapTu Pay” for food, drinks and merchandise throughout the park.

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