Disney Cruise Line to Sail from New Orleans, Hawaii and Beyond in Early 2020

In early 2020, Disney Cruise Line will offer families even more ways to explore the world together with the addition of a brand-new home port in New Orleans, Louisiana and a highly anticipated return to the Hawaiian Islands. Disney Cruise Line will also return to Puerto Rico for a limited time and continue guest-favorite itineraries to tropical destinations from Florida and California.

First-time Home Port in New Orleans
In 2020, the Disney Wonder will embark on a variety of Caribbean and Bahamian cruises from New Orleans – the first time Disney Cruise Line will have a home port in Louisiana. Not only will this provide families from the region with the magic of having a Disney ship in their own backyard, but it will also draw families from farther away to discover this incredible city before they set sail.

Before or after their Disney cruise, Guests can venture into the city to savor the distinct flavors of famous New Orleans cuisine, visit family-friendly museums and parks, and revel in the sweet melodies of world-renowned jazz music. Travelers will delight in the Southern charm of this new home port, and Disney fans will find magic around every corner as they experience the iconic sights and sounds that inspired the beloved animated film “The Princess and the Frog.”

The Disney Wonder will embark on six cruises during this limited-time season from New Orleans, including four-, six- and seven-night Western Caribbean sailings; a seven-night Bahamian cruise; and a 14-night Panama Canal voyage, departing February 7 through March 6.

Long-Awaited Return to Hawaii
After a five-year hiatus, the Disney Wonder will return to Hawaii in early 2020 for two special cruises: a nine-night voyage to Honolulu from Vancouver, Canada, on April 29, and a 10-night sailing back to Vancouver on May 8.

During these dream vacations, guests will discover the breathtaking beauty of the Hawaiian Islands, including the famous beaches of Waikiki on Oahu; the views from high atop the summit of Haleakala Crater on Maui; the lush tropical gardens and waterfalls of Kauai; and the diverse natural wonders of Hawaii Island.

Popular Itineraries from Puerto Rico and California
The Disney Wonder continues its standout season with returns to popular home ports on both coasts. First, the ship sets sail for the Southern Caribbean during two seven-night voyages departing January 19 and 26 from San Juan, Puerto Rico, followed by a five-night Bahamian cruise. Then beginning on March 20, the ship embarks on seven sailings to Baja and the Mexican Riviera, ranging in length from two to seven nights, from San Diego, California.

Unforgettable Tropical Getaways from Florida
Disney Cruise Line will have three ships sailing to the Bahamas and Caribbean from Florida in early 2020, and every cruise includes a day of fun in the sun on Disney’s private Bahamian island reserved exclusively for Disney Cruise Line guests, Castaway Cay.
From Miami, the Disney Magic will sail three-, four- and five-night Bahamian cruises and five-night Western Caribbean cruises.
From Port Canaveral, the Disney Fantasy will sail seven-night Eastern and Western Caribbean itineraries, plus two special sailings at six- and eight-nights each.
From Port Canaveral, the Disney Dream will sail three- and four-night Bahamian cruises to Nassau and Castaway Cay.
With a variety of options from Florida, Guests can choose the vacation that provides something for everyone in the family, combining the adventure and relaxation of tropical destinations, the ease and indulgence of an ocean cruise, and the world-class entertainment and service of a Disney vacation.

When To Book Early 2020 Itineraries
Platinum, Gold or Silver Castaway Club members, can take advantage of the opportunity to book early 2020 itineraries before they go on sale to the general public on October 4, 2018. Book either online or by phone during the designated booking window.
October 1, 2018: Platinum Members
October 2, 2018: Platinum and Gold Members
October 3, 2018: Platinum, Gold and Silver Members
October 4, 2018: all Guests

Big Ticket Price Changes Coming to Walt Disney World!

Walt Disney World has announced that starting October 16, 2018, they will offer seasonal-priced multi-day tickets where the final price of the ticket depends on what dates you are planning to visit. This will work like current 1-Day tickets: a ticket for Value dates will be cheaper than a ticket for Regular or Peak dates. Most ticket periods will cover a mix of Value, Regular and/or Peak dates, and the price will be based on the specific dates the ticket covers.

We do a quick analysis of the changes below, but here’s our bottom line: we recommend that most people who have a vacation planned between now and the end of 2019 should buy tickets now or book a package now with Wishes and Wands Travel. We think it’s likely that most multi-day tickets will go up in price, and if some go down in price it won’t be by much.

All current tickets will be honored through their existing expiration dates, for any day of the year, and packages booked now will stay at their current prices even if the components (tickets, dining, etc.) go up in price before your vacation (assuming you don’t make a change that causes the package to be repriced; see below for more). Read on for more details about the new tickets.

Important Note: this information is based on our best understanding of Disney’s current plans. Disney may change aspects of the new ticket system between now and the actual day they roll it out (including changing the date they roll it out) so consider all of this preliminary information until Disney actually starts selling the new tickets.

Below is a basic outline of the changes.

Each new ticket will have a specific date range it is valid for, which you select when you buy it.

Each length of ticket is valid for a few more days than there are admission days on the ticket, so you don’t have to go into the park every day. For example, a 2-day ticket can be used on any 2 out of 4 consecutive days, while a 7-day ticket can be used on any 7 of 10 consecutive days.

If you buy a ticket with a Disney Vacation Package, the validity period is the longer of the period mentioned above, or the full length of the package (counting both arrival and departure days).

“Flexible date” tickets that work the same way as today will still be available, but we’re pretty sure they’ll be more expensive than specific-date tickets.

You will be able to change the start date, length, or options on a ticket yourself without having to visit the park in person. There will be options on the MyDisneyExperience web site and app, or you can do it over the phone with Disney Reservations. You’ll have to pay any price increase caused by the changes, naturally.

The price of the specific-date tickets vary over the course of the year. They’re cheapest during slow, off-season weekdays, and expensive over holiday periods and summer weekends. We don’t know the exact calculation used.

In the end, we believe most tickets will be more expensive under this new system, with some possible exceptions for tickets covering mostly weekdays during Value season. Looking back to when Disney introduced season-priced 1-Day tickets, the Regular and Peak tickets went up in price relative to the “any day” tickets that were being sold previously. The Value tickets went down in price, but by a very small amount. We think this is likely to repeat.

So if you have a trip planned for next year that touches a weekend or a holiday period, we think it’s a safe bet to buy your tickets or book a package now and lock in the current prices. Think of it as insurance. On the other hand, if you look at your planned dates and most of them are Value dates, you may want to roll the dice and see if the new prices end up saving you money.