When Can I Book My 2019 Walt Disney World Vacation Package?

Q: When can I book my 2019 Walt Disney World vacation package?

A: When it comes to planning a Walt Disney World getaway, it definitely pays to be the early bird. Planning well in advance means that you normally get the resort that you want during the dates that you want not to mention that it gives you plenty of time to save! Therefore, it’s not surprising that one of the questions that I am getting asked the most this week is “When will 2019 packages be officially open to book by Disney?”

Though we don’t know for certain when 2019 packages will go on sale to the general public, what we do know is that Disney World typically releases them around the same time each year. 2018 packages went on sale on June 20, 2017. Therefore we can probably expect 2019 packages to go on sale in early Summer.

I heard I can make a room only reservation now for 2019 is that true? Yes. This means that those starting to make plans for 2019 and who want to book a package with tickets and/or dining will need to wait a bit longer. However, it should be noted that Room Only bookings can typically be made 499 days out. This means that guests do have the option of reserving a room through until the first half of June 2019 just now and converting that to a package when they go on sale this Summer.

Will I be able to get a discount when packages go on sale? When Disney initially releases 2019 packages, these will be at the non-discounted or “rack rate.” The same goes for the Room Only reservations. Disney doesn’t usually release discounts until closer to your actual departure dates. However, with flexible booking policies (contact me to find out more), guests do have the ability to nab a discount even after you’ve booked so you will still be able to take advantage of savings if booking early.

Want to receive your FREE quote as soon as 2019 packages go on sale? Then fill out our quote form and we’ll put some packages together for you this Summer. Or let us know you’d like a room only reservation and we’ll get straight to work! For those looking to chat about options before submitting your quote request, please reach out to us directly. We are always happy to talk Disney!

Happy Planning!

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